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Links for Wednesday, November 17, 2010

  • A Smart Bear: Why I Feel Like A Fraud – “I felt like a fraud every day. Here I was, selling a wobbly, buggy tool and pawning myself off as an expert in a field that didn’t exist. Every second I felt like I was putting one over on the world.
  • CNBC: Dying With Debt: A Dirty Little Retirement Secret – “Retired Americans are racking up credit-card debt like never before, be it for vacations or medical expenses, and a surprising number have no intention of paying it off before they die.
  • Second Life Blog: Don’t Know What an Animation Override Is? You Need to See This! – “Ever wonder why other avatars are striding so pretty while you march like a soldier-duck hybrid? That’s because they have animation overrides, scripted objects that replace your default animations with way cooler ones when worn.
  • Unethical Blogger: GNU/Parallel Changed My Life – “Over the past month or so I’ve fallen in love with an incredibly simple command line tool: GNU/Parallel. Parallel has more or less replaced my use of xargs when piping data around on the many machines that I use. Unlike xargs however, Parallel lets me make use of the many cores that I have access to, either on my laptop or the many quad and octocore machines we have lying around the Apture office.*“
  • Metaverse Journal: Second Life in a Web Browser – “With minimal fanfare, Linden Lab have launched a beta of their ‘Second Life in a browser’ offering AKA Project Skylight. Found here, you can sign-up and check it out in a session lasting up to an hour.
  • New World Notes: Second Life Launches Beta Web Browser Access Test Using Gaikai Cloud-Based Streaming – “Today Linden Lab is launching web-based Beta access of Second Life (mentioned last month.) As screenshots show, it’s using the cloud-based streaming game service of Gaikai, headed by industry star Dave Perry, and according to Katharine Berry, it requires a Java plug-in in your browser.
  • Alicia Chenaux: – “ These are straight screenshots from my computer. I didn’t edit anything at all. Also, I didn’t quite go in order with some of them because I just realized that I should have taken a screencap of the start-up page, and at one point my internet flickered slightly and I had to get a new guest avatar.