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Links for Thursday, January 27, 2011

  • SysAdmin 1138 Expounds: The Linux Boot Process, A Chart – “I did this because Things have Changed from the last time I really studied this. Back when I started it was BIOS, LILO, and Initd. I never did bother to wrap my head around Grub, mostly because the automatic tools have gotten a lot better so knowing it just to install isn’t needed, and I haven’t had the right kind of boot problems where I’d learn it through troubleshooting.
  • Denver Post: From the Archive: Historic NASA Photos – “NASA has partnered with The Commons on Flickr and the Internet Archive to make a collection of 180 historic photos available for public viewing. The photos are arranged into three sections – Building NASA, Launch/Takeoff and NASA Center Namesakes.” – One increment beyond awesome!
  • Matt Kruse: Better Facebook – “Better Facebook is a FREE user script that plugs into your browser and adds a lot of great enhancements to your existing Facebook account!
  • Dave Winer: EC2 for Poets, v2 – “I’ve spent the last few months, in the middle of all the other projects I’ve been working on, getting a new version of EC2 for Poets ready. And as of today, it’s reached a certain level of ready-ness. So here goes!
  • Wayne Chang: Building a Sustainable Side Project – “I’m extremely passionate about creating and building new things, so I started a few side projects in early December. A side project, to me, is something that requires less than full time effort on my part but serves a purpose and has high impact in some way. It is an exercise to hone my skills, learn new things, and possibly create a new stream of revenue.
  • seaWALDO – “A bunch (about 104) hand-painted characters that are all similar in size (about 5 inches tall) can be found in the area mapped out (image of playfield to the right) on Capitol Hill in Seattle, Washington. Waldo is hiding somewhere, but after a bunch of hours sniffing the oil fumes while making these lil’ guys, we can say most of them are pretty freakin’ cool.
  • David Trejo: Scraping Made Easy with jQuery and SelectorGadget – “Scraping with jQuery is a real pleasure. Here’s some example code to get you started, it gets the top three articles with their point values from Hacker News.