PosterBurner is Cool!

less than 1 minute read

I recently designed a poster to commemorate the launch of my AWS book. Starting with a high resolution PDF of the cover, I added images of the first page of each chapter, a picture of the product page on Amazon, a couple of reviews, and a picture of some Argentinian developers each holding a copy of my book.

I designed the poster in Microsoft Publisher and generated a one-page PDF, which I then uploaded to PosterBurner for printing. I paid for the printing and the finished poster arrived a few days later.

Unfortunately, there was a small yet quite visible printing defect — a light pink area on the cover of the book. I messaged the good folks at PosterBurner and they sent me a replacement poster just days later.

The finished, framed poster is now hanging on the wall in my home office as a reminder of the very pleasant time that I spent writing the book in the summer of 2009.