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Space Needle Fireworks

less than 1 minute read

Here’s a picture of the Space Needle, taken shortly after midnight on New Year’s Eve:

Syndic8 2004 Retrospective

6 minute read

2004 has been a really good year for Syndic8, and I wanted to take the time to enumerate all that’s happened. I have spent a lot of time coding and answering...

Message Tags

less than 1 minute read

I don’t know what I will use it for, but I just bought one of these scrolling message tag devices.

Feeds with Bit Torrent Enclosures

less than 1 minute read

On the podcasters mailing list, someone asked for feeds where the enclosure was a torrent file (media type application/x-bittorrent). I have been tracking th...

Random Links

less than 1 minute read

Time to clean out the old inbox:


less than 1 minute read

Whenever your wife complains that you are spending too much time or too much money on your hobby, it is good to be able to point to what someone else is doin...

Great Moments in Microprocessor History

2 minute read

IBM just published an informative article titled Great moments in microprocessor history. It was interesting to read through this and to see if I could come ...

Design In Flight

less than 1 minute read

Even though I have no design skill whatsoever (look at syndic8 for living proof), I’m still trying to learn. I just ordered the first two issues of Design In...